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Corman Artisan

Baker-Pastry chef

The Fancy Bun

Recipe for 25 pieces


100 g Extra Incorporation Butter 82 % fat
125 g brown sugar
125 g flour (T55)
 A bit of gold dust
  • Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Roll out to 2 mm thickness between two parchment paper sheets, then freeze. Sprinkle with gold dust.
  • Cut out 4 cm discs.

Choux pastry

125 g milk
125 g water
5 g salt
10 g sugar
100 g Extra Incorporation Butter 82 % fat
160 g flour (T55)
250 g eggs
  • Bring the water, milk, salt, sugar and butter to a boil. Tip the flour into the mixture, then dry out the paste. Add the eggs one by one, using a beater.
  • Pipe 5 cm rounds (30 g) with a 10 mm nozzle.
  • Place a 4 cm craquelin disc on top and bak eat 180 °C in a deck oven.

Raspberry compote

300 g raspberry puree
300 g raspberry nibs
110 g sugar
15 g pectin NH
  • Heat the raspberry purée and raspberry nibs to 40 °C, then incorporate the pectin diluted in the sugar. Bring to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat and let cool.

Sweetened vanilla Sculpture

1000 g Sculpture 31 % fat
80 g sugar
10 g vanilla extract
  • Whip together all the ingredients using a beater.


25  raspberries
 A bit of red-coloured mirror glaze
  • Garnish the choux pastries with 1/3 sweetened vanilla Sculpture and 2/3 raspberry compote. Take a turntable and, using a rose petal-tipped nozzle, pipe the rest of the sweetened vanilla Sculpture onto the choux pastries.
  • Decorate with a raspberry and a dot of red mirror glaze on top of the raspberry.

Did you know?

This recipe forms part of the theatrical classic (classique théâtral) approach. The originality of the Sculpture based decoration highlights the light consistency of this new product. The floaty spiral resembles a ballerina’s tutu and takes us into a new world.

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