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Corman Artisan

Baker-Pastry chef

Extra concentrated butter

The most efficient concentrated butter in block

Corman's Tips

  • It is easiest to work between 12 °C and 18 °C.
  • Thanks to its high concentration of butterfats, you can reduce the quantity used by 15 %. We recommend to replace 1000 g of traditional fat by 850 g of Corman Concentrated Butter and increase the percentage of water in the preparation.

Products information


Concentrated butter. Aroma: vanillin

Fat quantity

99,9 % min.

Fusion point

32 °C


EU: between 10 °C and 15 °C. Export: -18 °C


Available in 10 kg block


Milk (milk protein and lactose traces)



Mean nutritional data (per 100 g)

Energy 899 kcal (3696 kJ)
Fat 99,9 g
Of which saturated 66,9 g
Carbohydrates 0,0 g
In which sugars 0,0 g
Proteins 0,0 g
Salt 0,0 g

Rich and Tasteful

  • Its concentration of milk fat reinforces its butter taste.
  • Moderate melting point favouring the mouthfeel and a better perception of our unique butter flavour.​

Long shelf life

  • Thanks to its high butterfat content and its absence of water, it can be preserved for a long period of storage. This also improves the preserving qualities of the finished products.​

Extra easy to work for butter cream

  • It tolerates the addition of alcohol without separation.
  • It produces a deliciously smooth and light butter cream which holds well.

High yield
  • It doubles in volume on creaming (it can absorb its own weight in liquid or its own volume in air).

  • Ideal for butter cream, creaming and garnishing.

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